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Jiangsu province of hazardous waste generated unit information(2018In the first quarter)
Jiangsu province of hazardous waste generated unit information2018In the first quarter?Main products of the enterprise name types and number of hazardous waste discharging hazardous waste discharge actually(Tons)The actual use of disposal(Tons)Using disposal to accumulative total storage capacity(Tons)Hazardous waste related problems and rectification of HuiErXin machinery(Taixing)Co., LTD., offshore wind power and other precision castings?Pass filter cotton9aa000025aa000120.0550/0.257/Waste oil adsorption cotton33aa00006aa0001700/0/
Yao research development of taixing city enterprises
3Month10Monday morning,Taizhou municipal committee、Politics and law committee secretary yao deep contact enterprise taixing city part of the hook,With entrepreneurs face to face,Details about the enterprise operation,Listen to development faces confusion,To help solve development problems,Confidence for the enterprise development、To exert himself to the Ming dynasty、Promote across catch up。  The operation of the enterprise quality state is yao the focus of concern。Just walked into Huang Qiao HuiErXin machinery industrial zone(Taixing)Co., LTD,Yao is carefully ask park since the civil building,The production of the enterprise、The business、Sales, and so on and so forth。As engaged in precision casting、Precision machined,A phase of work
Rely on intelligent manufacturing industry“The pyramids”
(The reporter?Wu-ping zhang)HuiErXin company around《Made in China2025Taizhou implementation summary》,Intelligent manufacturing、The road of lean manufacturing,Actively purchase advanced equipment,Introduction of first-class talent,Constantly improve the level of product technology and quality requirements,The core competitiveness,Won the favour of many world top companies。  For several days,HuiErXin company is right3Turbine floor for packaging,Ready to send to Siemens assembly plant in the United States,This is the business this year to the second batch of Siemens fan base plate,Mainly for offshore wind power products。At present,The company has received100More than the order,2016In hand
Project construction atmosphere Motivate than learning to catch up with
7Month10Day(Reporter Wang Tingjun correspondent quarter Jiang Lin zhang ling)Project view is an important agenda of the municipal party committee work conference。Yesterday,Party secretary team in taixing LanShaoMin rate、The high port、Jingjiang places,View around the project construction。Everywhere,The participants are serious,Into the workshop、Listen to the introduction、See the product,The strong atmosphere of field experience and advance the project construction,Look for the gap,Higher goals,Firm the confidence,To further stimulate than learning to catch up with the passion and motivation。  In the morning,Participants arrived at taixing city high-tech zone、Huang Qiao industrial park and watching taixing economic development zone,Listen to the three park this year

Jiangyin city letter precision equipment co., LTD

       Jiangyin city letter, precision equipment co., LTD. Is located in Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze river delta economic zone opening to the outside world,Located in the country's economic strength counties of jiangyin city,Jiangyin in jiangsu province and jiangsu taixing has two major manufacturing bases。It happenedDClass pressure vessel manufacturing qualification,And passedISO:9001Quality system certification。Adhering to the enterprise“In order to people、Quality win、Strive for perfection、Development and innovation”The management idea,By reputation、Quality and service has won the customer's trust and support。

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